Dr. Ana Chankvetadze PhD. MA

1 2Newport Kutaisi Twinning Association wishes to congratulate Ana Chankvetadze on gaining her doctorate last month from the Faculty of Arts at Kutaisi, Akaki Tsereteli State University. Her dissertation on ‘TIME’ IN MODERN ENGLISH AND GEORGIAN PHRASEOLOGY was based on English and Georgian Phraseology.

Head of the Programme: Prof. Madonna Megrelishvili                                          Research Supervisor:  Dr. Maia Chkheidze Prof. Philological Sciences.                       Opponents: Dr.Tinatin Sinjiashvili Prof. Philological Sciences; Dr. Rusudan Gotsiridze, Prof. Pedagogical Sciences.


The defence of the dissertation took place on 20th February 2016 in the Faculty of Arts at Kutaisi, Akaki Tsereteli State University.



Ana came to Newport in Sept 2010-11 to take up a place at the University of Wales, Newport on the MA Degree course – Educational Leadership and Management, graduating in 2012.



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L to R: Ass. Prof. Nino Demetradze; Ass. Prof. Irma Rusadze; Dr. Ana Chankvetadze; Ass. Prof. Keti Doghonadze; Ass. Prof.Nunuka Charkviani


She returned home to join the staff of the Kutaisi City Hall, Department of Foreign Relations and International as principal projects specialist with Head of Dept. David Megrelishvil, also a past UWN student.

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