The 4 star Hotel Newport, formally opened by the Georgian Prime Minister in June last year, finally opened it’s door to the public this autumn after a 16 month delay due to the covid pandemic.

Situated on Newport Street, the street named to honour Kutaisi’s twin city, the Hotel is situated in a fine early twentieth – century building formerly used as a courthouse.

As the Georgian parliament has recently been moved to Kutaisi, the Hotel will be a venue for the country’s leading decision makers, as well as tourists and locals, and act as a constant reminder of the long-standing friendship between the two cities.

The Mayor of Newport sent the manager a congratulatory letter following the formal opening last year and Newport City Council has offered to send photographs of the Transporter Bridge, Tredegar House, Caerleon’s Roman Amphitheatre, the Cathedral, Kutaisi Walk and the riverfront, the Civic Centre murals and Newport’s parks and surrounding countryside to decorate the Hotel’s walls. 

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