A group of Georgian citizens together with Englishman Peter Nasmyth, a  strong supporter of the NKTA, has recently established the Georgian National Trust. It has been set up in association with the National Trust of Great Britain’s international branch INTO and follows the successful British model.

Georgia possesses a vast number of historic sites worthy of saving.  However the country has no independent national organisation that enables individuals  to express their concern and affection for the nation’s heritage. The NTG provides this, together with practical advice for helping with the preservation of buildings and land. The knowledge and experience available to the founders is offered to private owners to show how they can conserve their properties in  a way not yet offered by the state. It also provides Georgians with a means of expressing their pride in their nation by joining as NTG members.  

The NKTA’s November newsletter contains some examples of Georgia’s traditional architectural heritage that could easily be lost and stretches of its glorious countryside that are in danger of being spoilt by insensitive development.

This is the subject of a presentation Peter has agreed to give to NKTA members as soon as circumstances allow.

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