NKTA Joins in Congratulating Professor Madonna Megrelishvili

The NKTA is delighted to join our friends in Kutaisi in congratulating Professor Madonna Megrelishvili, the recently retired Chair of the Kutaisi Newport International Association, on being honoured for her outstanding service in the field of philology by the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia.

Madonna’s reputation as a teacher and university administrator is unrivalled in the Caucasus and the award recognises her unique contribution to the teaching of English Language and Literature in Georgia for over fifty years.

The success of the Twinning is due in large part to the  input from Madonna and it is widely recognised in Georgia that several of the nation’s present-day leaders have benefitted from the opportunity to study at the  University of Wales, Newport (UWN).

This honorary award is proof of the huge contribution to her country by this distinguished teacher, leader and selfless woman who many of us in Newport are proud to call our friend.

Caroline McLachlan

Chair, NKTA

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