Passing of Vera Brown – Long Term Member of NKTA

It saddens us to advise long term member Vera Brown has passed away

Vera was a member of one of the first Newport delegations to visit Kutaisi and while there she made firm friendships that lasted the rest of her life    She served the NKTA as Secretary from 1997 to 2017 and acted as the Association’s unofficial historian. 

The multitude of Association minutes and letters she wrote and carefully compiled, and which she later donated to Newport Public Library, are the primary source for anyone wishing to research the history of the Twinning of Newport and Kutaisi.

Even after her retirement as Secretary Vera maintained a close interest in the Twinning.

Vera’s death, like the recent deaths of her friends Madonna Megrelshvili and Caroline McLachlan, is a blow to the Twinning and we owe it to the three extraordinary women who devoted themselves to the friendship of Newport and Kutaisi to ensure it continues to evolve and grow in strength

From His Worshipful, the Mayor of Newport

Our most sincere condolences to you and all the members of the NKTA. The Mayor wishes to express his sympathies for your loss and to thank you for taking the time to contact and inform us it is most appreciated. We will send a letter of condolence to Vera’s family wishing them all the best in this very difficult time.

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