Return visit to St Mary’s Primary School, Newport

Chair, Sonia Fisher and Vice Chair, Derek Butler visited St Mary’s Primary School, Newport on Thursday 25th June.

For Sonia it was a return visit having enjoyed hugely their recent presentation on ‘Kutaisi, it’s People and it’s Culture’. This had followed on from NKTA member, Catherine Philpott having given several presentations on the background of the twinning links between Kutaisi and Newport earlier in the year.

Having recently visited Kutaisi, Derek had brought back greetings and gifts from School No 9 who is most interested in wanting to form friendship links with St Mary’s through emailing and Skype. This may even lead pupils from both schools to becoming pen friends.
A photograph of School No 9 was presented to St Mary’s and Sonia gave various souvenirs of Kutaisi to the school for their display table together with a DVD of the City of Kutaisi.

St Marys 7 St Marys 3


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